My wife was working at a conference in Bali, Indonesia. I’d never been, had heard great things about Bali and felt in need of a vacation so I thought I’d go along. Eirah was working really hard, often into the early hours of the morning so a typical day went something like this. Get up fairly early and have breakfast together; she would then leave for work and I would go off and do ‘touristy’ things; return to the hotel in the afternoon and have a couple of beers around the pool; watch football (soccer) on the TV as the world cup was taking place in asia at that time and I was in the right time zone; meet up (rarely) with Eirah for dinner – I remember one romantic dinner on a beach somewhere. All in all I had a great time; Eirah probably less so. After her conference was over we did manage to get away for a few days together in Ubud.

I have one regret: Bali has some truly spectacular temples (including one perched on the top of a cliff over the sea). I remember taking pictures, but I can find neither prints nor negatives. UPDATE: I was going through some old moving boxes and came across the negatives. Stay tuned. I’ve now scanned some of these negatives and the images can be found here: Bali III – Temples.

Procession, Ubud. Love the boy in the right foreground’s expression.

Landscape near Ubud


Cats and an offering.

Hotel, Ubud.

Bali, Landscape

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