I’m fascinated by these stone chambers and have taken pictures of a number of them already:

Another Stone Chamber
Mysterious stone chambers of Putnam County
A walk up Nimham My hountain

This one’s quite near where I live and is a little different from the others I’ve seen in that there’s a vertical slab on the inside holding up the roof (see second picture below). I hadn’t seen that before.

The chamber seemed to be quite visible when I walked by it. It was quite warm that day and I was a bit concerned that the dog might be getting too hot (he hasn’t had his Spring haircut yet) and it occurred to me that the interior of the chamber was probably cool and I could let him cool off there for a few minutes. So I was looking out for the chamber. Somehow, however, I walked right by it without noticing it. Maybe my mind was elsewhere. I know I was composing this post in my head. Or maybe the chamber had mysteriously disappeared 🙂 ?

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