Lovely early morning light on Greenwich Point Park in Old Greenwich, Connecticut. The Stanton Inn website describes it as follows:

Greenwich Point Park is known as Tod’s Point to locals (after the last private owner of the land, J. Kennedy Tod, from whose estate the town bought the land after his death in 1945) and is by far the best Greenwich beach. According to some very exuberant visitors, it’s the best beach in Fairfield County! This large park permits visitors to engage in everything from sunbathing and swimming to jogging, walking, cycling, contemplating nature, boating, water sports, fishing, sailboarding, and picnicking on its long sandy beach, extensive forest and shoreline trails, and expansive lawns. The town of Greenwich’s Tod’s Point is definitely one of the best parks in Greenwich by many accounts.

I went early in the morning in November (i.e. out of season) and didn’t have any trouble parking and walking around. However, others have had a less than pleasant experience. Apparently Greenwich is a very closed community and outsiders are not necessarily welcomed. See this article (Beaches Belong to the People, Even in Greenwich) in the Huffington Post from 2011.

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