Here a few results from my March Film camera: a Canon EOS 650 with Canon EF 50mm f1.8. The pictures were taken at Locust Grove, the former home of Samuel F.B. Morse the renowned inventor, and unknown to me until our visit accomplished painter (particularly of portraits). Above is the house. I also took along a digital camera so I’ll say more about the house when I post those pictures. I used a very old (I don’t recall exactly how old, but definitely many years old) roll of Agfa Vista 200 that I had lying around.

The Caretaker’s Cottage.

Blue flowers. These were all over.

View of the house from the gardens. Here I tried the “Depth” mode where you set the closest point you want to be in focus, then the farthest point and the camera selects the optimal aperture to achieve this. I’ve read that this was also available on the EOS-1N, but I can’t recall seeing it on any non-Canon camera. It seemed to work.

Barn Door

Hudson View


I enjoyed using the camera. It feels solid and reliable and the fairly minimal set of controls were easy to use. Focus was fast enough for my needs. I read on the internet somewhere (unfortunately I can’t remember where and I can’t seem to find it again) that the camera does not rewind automatically and that you have to manually press a button to get it to do so. This is definitely not the case (although there is a button that you can press to rewind mid-roll if you wish). Mine kept on until the end of the roll and then rewound automatically. It’s quite noisy when it rewinds. For my type of photography it doesn’t much matter, but if you wanted to remain unobtrusive (e.g. at a wedding, during a performance etc.) this would be a definite disadvantage.

All the pictures I took had something of a green cast. I suspect this is because of the ancient film I used. One of these days I’ll try a new film and see what I get.

It’s a lot of fun to use, with nothing to get in the way of the photographic experience.

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