After my 1 1/2 hour walk in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery (See: Trying out my newly acquired Pentax K10) I was hungry so I walked to P.J. Doyle’s to get something to eat.

They had what the menu referred to as “Irish Breakfast. Two Eggs any style, Irish Sausage, Rashers, Irish Pudding, Broiled Tomato. Served with Homefries and Toast”. That sounded about right so that was what I ordered.

It was pretty much what I expected except for the bacon, which was not the usual American style bacon: narrow, thin, fatty and with a pronounced smoky taste. Rather it was the kind of bacon that I remember having when I was growing up in the UK: thick and lean with a high meat to fat ratio (see picture).

While I realize that this was not haute cuisine it really hit the spot. When I was in university in the UK I used to play a lot of badminton (it’s not the backyard “sport” that’s played in the US, but rather a sport that’s very fast and strenuous when played seriously). I remember one occasion when I’d been playing with a friend and after we finished we adjourned to the nearest pub for some lunch. In those days most pubs had little or no food, but I remember that meal very well. I had a not too fresh packaged steak and kidney pie that was warmed up in the microwave. Baked beans and a beer completed this culinary extravaganza. I was tired and possibly dehydrated and I swear it was the best meal I every had. The meal I had today reminded me very much of that meal.

My apologies for the quality of the picture. It was taken in a quite dark pub with an Iphone.

Taken with an Iphone SE II.

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