I’ll take Manhattan

I know when I took this (about one year ago in November 2016). I know where I took it (from the window of one of our younger daughter’s friend’s apartment). I also remember the occasion on which I took it. Our daughter was visiting NY and we went into the city to see a show (On Your Feet) returning home via this apartment to pick up her luggage.

What I can’t remember is whether or not I intended this rather psychedelic effect. I took some other pictures at the same time and they’re all fairly conventional shots attempting (unsuccessfully) to get a sharp picture of the rather spectacular view from her window. This one, however, has a much longer shutter speed than the others so it’s possible I was trying to capture the camera movement. I’ll never know for sure.

Whichever it was I quite like the somewhat abstract effect, which (to my mind mind at any rate) captures something of the hustle and bustle of Manhattan.

Lines on a fallen branch

I came across a fallen tree in the woods an on it were etched these lines. I have no idea how they’re made – possibly some kind of insect? They reminded me a bit of either the Chinese/Japanese paintings you often see, or perhaps some kind of ancient map with the lines representing roads and rivers. Maybe I should write “Here be Dragons” on it.

Taken with a Sony RX-100 M3.


While waiting for my wife to finish her dance class I took the dog for a walk around the parking lot. After a while I noticed flashes of bright yellow on the ground – lines, curves, shapes.

Another example (see also: Cracks) of how it can be good to look down.

Taken with an iphone 5s – the only camera I had with me.