New Portfolio – Abstract

We recently had a visit from one of my first cousins. I haven’t been good at staying in touch with my relatives in the UK and have lost touch with most of them. However, another cousin (sister to the one who came to visit) found me on Facebook and we exchanged a few messages. It turns out that my cousin Cliff has a son who lives on Long Island and that he, Cliff, would be visiting in June of this year. So we decided to get together. I think the last time I saw him (and then only briefly) was at my father’s funeral – 25 years ago. It’s probably closer to 40 years since we had any regular interaction.

We invited them (Cliff, his wife, his wife’s sister and his son) to come to the Lake House for lunch.

In conversation I discovered that Cliff’s wife also likes to take pictures and she’s particularly interested in more abstract compositions. I knew that I had a number like that and decided to single them out so that I could share them with her. Since I was doing this it seemed reasonable to create another portfolio (I hadn’t done one for a while) to contain them. I’ve called it “Abstract“.


In an earlier post (see: Vivitar 35ES – Results) I mentioned that I had inadvertently caused a few multiple exposures by placing my left finger on top of the camera such that it prevented the film from advancing correctly. This is one of them and I actually find it rather interesting. One frame was of a row of trees and the second one was of marks on a tank of some kind (I think. My memory on this one is rather vague. It could just as easily be tree bark). I like the rather abstract composition that was the result of them being combined.

Taken with a Vivitar 35ES.