Chuang Yen Monastery again – Ravenous fish

The lake is teeming with large (I’d guess at least two feet long) fish. There are signs indicating that the fish should not be fed, but I imagine they are largely ignored. As you approach the platform on which the statue stands large numbers of them “flock” (if that’s the right word) over. There seem to be hundreds of them. Here are two. I liked the light colored one.

Taken with a Sony RX-100 Me.

Around Mahopac – A Duck

I was sitting eating my lunch at J.P. Cunningham’s on the Lake in Mahopac when this duck swam by. Imagine my surprise when it swam up to the steps coming up from the water and then waddled up them and into the eating area. From there it walked around from table to table until eventually returning to the water. I guess he/she is a regular.

A more conventional picture of the duck below:

Taken with a Tamron AF Aspherical LD 28-200mm f3.8-5.6

Grommet Returns

Grommet seems to be the resident cat at Muscoot Farms. There may be more, but if there are I’ve never seen them.

Back in July 2013 I took a few pictures of Grommet and posted one of them (See: Muscoot Farm – Summer 2013). In that picture he looks quite ferocious, but was in fact only yawning.

While reviewing old pictures for the Black and White Portfolio, I came across this one where he looks more like a normal cat (if there is such a thing).

Taken with a Sony NEX 5N and E 16mm f2.8 (possibly with wide angle auxiliary lens – I can’t remember and unfortunately the metadata only shows the 16mm).