On Safari – Elephants

Of course I’d seen elephants before, but only in captivity: in zoos, circuses and the like. Seeing them in the wild was a completely different experience. In captivity they looked subdued, still magnificent but rather sad as if all their energy had been taken away. In the wild they’re full of energy. As we approached this family group (I assume) the large elephant on the right broke off and moved in our direction. I wouldn’t have liked to have tangled with him (or maybe it’s a her) and thankfully we didn’t have to. This picture fails to give a true impression of their size. Even though it was taken almost 20 years ago I still have a strong memory of their size. They’re enormous.

Taken with a Canon AE-1 and, I think, a Vivitar 70-210mm zoom lens.

On Safari – Two lions feeding

This is another shot from our visit to the Masai Mara in the late 1990s (See also: Cheetah). It depicts one of the most dramatic moments in our safari. We were driving along when we came across a young, dead zebra – possibly dead at birth. After a couple of minutes along came a lioness and started to drag it away. Not long afterwards a second lioness arrived and grabbed another part of the dead zebra. This led to a lengthy “tug-o-war” with both lions trying to take possession. As I recall one of them managed to tear of a small piece, which it then took away while the second dragged away the larger portion.

Taken with a Canon AE-1 and, if my memory is correct, a Vivitar 70-210 mm lens.