Interesting YouTube channel from Ade Torrent on, as the name implies, old cameras. I’ll leave it to the video to explain what it’s all about, but if you’re interested in camera collecting you’ll certainly find it useful (with certain caveats – see below).

He’s so far considered the following cameras: Zenit-E; Kiev-4; Praktica BX-20; Olympus 35-RC; Ihagee Exa; Lomo Lubitel 166B; Yashica Electro 35 GTN; Lomo Smena 8M; Fotorama PC-500; Holga 120SF; Nikon F-501 AF; Mamiya 16-EE; Zeiss Super Ikonta 530. The videos are quite short (none of them so far are more than about 9 minutes) and fairly basic.

He’s very enthusiastic about his cameras, but this enthusiasm leads him, on occasion, to be less critical than he might be. For example he seems to like the focus free “plastic fantastic” Fotorama PC-500 as much as he likes the Olympus 35-RC, a vastly superior camera. Still if you’re not too familiar with old cameras this basic introduction can be very useful. For example he mentions that on some older cameras (e.g. the Kiev 4) you shouldn’t change with shutter speed until you have wound the shutter. This is certainly useful information as doing it the wrong way can lead to a broken shutter.

You can subscribe on the channel’s home page.

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