Walking along Lake Shore Road in the past few weeks I’ve noticed a fin cutting through the surface of the water in the cove. Imagine the typical image of a sharks fin, but in miniature and you’ve about got it. I took a few pictures, but the fin was quite distant and the camera I had with me didn’t have a very long zoom. However, you get a sense of what I’m talking about in the picture. You can see the fin and a vague impression of the fish itself beneath the surface. I’m not good at guessing the size of a far away fish, but I’d say it was somewhere between one and two feet. It seems that 500 sterile grass carp were released in the lake in 2011 for aquatic weed control. I imagine this is one of hem. I must have made a noise because suddenly about 10+ of these fish suddenly took off causing quite a commotion. The carp seem to be doing well.

The title of the post comes from a fellow walker who noticed the disturbance in the water and remarked: “Roaring Brook Lake Monster?”

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