Entrance foyer.

My brother-in-law visited for a few days and we had to decide where to take him. It was still a little early in the year and many of the usual suspects (e.g. Lyndhurst, Sunnyside, Kykuit, Philipsburg Manor etc.), which did not open until May 1 and he was leaving before then.

Boscobel was open though. It has an interesting history; a picturesque location; it’s close to where we live and the tour is interesting. So we thought we’d take him there.

We’ve been to Boscobel a number of times before: to take the tour; to attend the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival; to attend other events e.g. the Big Band Night and we’ve always had a good time. I’ve taken many pictures there and have even done a few posts on this blog:

Constitution Marsh and Hudson Valley from Boscobel
Details of Sculpture at Boscobel
Big Band Show at Boscobel

In the past I’d only taken pictures of the gardens and the views, understanding that photography inside the mansion was not allowed. However, this time on the tour everyone was taking pictures – many with phone cameras, but quite a few with small compact cameras. And the tour guide didn’t say anything so I thought – if they’re taking pictures I’ll take a few too.

Sitting room.

Dining room. Very tricky lighting. It was a very bright, sunny day outside and quite dark inside. This was the best I could do.

Staircase. I liked the colors and the diagonal lines here.

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