While I was waiting for my wife to pick up her lunch at Jean Jacques Cafe and Patisserie (excellent though it is the cafe is only a small piece of what they do. I sense that most of their time is taken up with their catering.) I decided to take the dog for a walk around Pleasantville.

As I approached the station I came across the bronzed chairs above so I took a few pictures. Inside the waiting area I came across some more. You can see a few of them in the picture below. Apparently there are also some on the platform below too.

According to the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) Arts and Design Site they are represent a sculptural seating installation by Jane Greengold and Kane Chanh Do called “Almost Home 2002”. The site continues:

Twenty-two cast bronze sculptural chairs greet those who use the Pleasantville Station. The pieces represent different types of seating and the variety of domestic d├ęcor. They are arranged in groupings throughout the station overpass and waiting area. Artists Kane Chanh Do and Jane Greengold, who created Almost Home, explain: “In this suburb of New York City, we have re-created, in bronze, chairs likely to be found in the homes of the commuters who use the station, bringing some of the comforts of home out to meet the riders, making the station almost like home, and reminding riders that they, too, are almost home. Because the chairs look so life-like, so much like wood and upholstery fabric, they create a humorous, trompe l’oeil effect.” To complete the domestic setting, nearby is a bronze replica of a copy of Reader’s Digest; for most of its history the magazine was published in Pleasantville.


I must admit that I missed the bronze Reader’s Digest replica!

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