Apparently this fountain shows the Sardinian origins of Carouge. It depicts a particular kind of dragon: a “scultone” or “ascultone”, which appears in legends in Sardinia, Italy. It had the power to kill human beings with its gaze and was a type of basilisk, lived in the bush and was immortal.

According to the Myths and Magic… website:

It was said the powerful flight of the scultone had the power to open the ‘Crack of Golgo’ a sinkhole to be found on a natural plateau near the country church of San Pietro, in Supramonte Baunei. It is considered the deepest chasm in Europe. To get rid of the scultone, the people called on Peter the Apostle, who dispatched the dragon with ease. Since the gaze of scultone had the power to kill, Peter made the dragon look into a mirror and upon seeing it’s own reflection, the scultone was neutralised.

This one was part of a fountain on the Place du Temple.

Taken with my Son-in-Law’s Nikon, D80 and Sigma 18-200mm f3.5-f6.3 lens.

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