We went for another walk in the woods yesterday, this time once around Pelton Pond (see picture above) and then down the Roaring Brook Trail for a while. All told it took about one hour 45 minutes. When I’ve been here in the past I’ve seen signs of beaver activity (e.g. gnawed trees), but now I see no evidence of beavers and their lodges are falling apart. I guess the beavers have relocated permanently. That’s a pity because I’ve never actually seen one.

It was a sunny day with temperatures in the mid 70s and it was a very pleasant walk. But as is often the case you mostly see the usual trees, boulders, stone walls etc. I’d been reading an article about taking pictures in the woods and one of the things it recommended was to keep a lookout for splashes of color, which is what I did.

And I found these two brightly colored fungi.

I loved the deep reds of the first one.

I found the second one on top of a hollowed out log. It doesn’t seem likely that it got there in the natural course of things and imagine someone must have placed it there (possibly to take a picture as I was doing). I wasn’t the one to put it there, but I was happy to take advantage of its placement.

Taken with a Sony RX-100 M3.

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