Last of the autumn leaves

I liked the contrasty light that made the colors of the leaf particularly vibrant, and also the contrast with more subdued colors of the wood. The directional light also helped to bring out the textures of the wood.

Taken back in November, 2010 with my then carry everywhere camera: a Panasonic Lumix ZS-3.


As you walk in the woods you come across quite a few funghi. Usually they are quite large and often quite colorful (see: Another walk in the woods).

The funghi in the picture above were quite different: small clusters of five individuals. In a single, small area there were several of these small clusters.

Below some green funghi, also quite small, on a broken tree trunk.

Taken with a Sony RX100 M.

A Walk Through Croton-On-Hudson – Vassallo Park

I’m afraid that the Town of Croton-on-Hudson is not a very “dog-friendly” town. It seems that dogs are not allowed in any of their parks, including this one: Vassallo Park. It’s quite a small park with very little to commend it other than a rather impressive old tree and a millstone.

A nearby sign reads:

A millstone from the Early Grist Mill on the Croton River. It was saved by John B. Goldsborough, Superintendent of Building the New Croton Dam, that was completed in 1907. It was moved from the site of the family home on Grand Street in Croton to this park in 1989.

A nearby sign reads:

The National Arborist Association and The International Society of Arboriculture jointly recognize this significant tree in this bicentennial year as having lived here at the time of the signing of our constitution.

I should point out that although the Town of Croton-on-Hudson does not seem to be dog friendly, the people certainly are. It was quite a hot day when I did this walk, and numerous shops had placed bowls of water outside for thirsty passing canines.

Taken with a Sony RX-100 M3