About this time in 2013 I was on nearby Oscawana Heights road taking a picture of one of Putnam County’s stone chambers. This old house was almost directly across the road. Even then it looked as if it had been abandoned for some time. Since then I’ve passed by many times and noticed the gradual deterioration continuing. I went by again the other day, spotted the stone chamber and continued on. Then it occurred to me that I hadn’t seen the house. Maybe my attention had been elsewhere and I’d just missed it I thought, turning around to take another look. But I hadn’t missed it. It was just no longer there. Where it had once stood was just an empty, snow covered piece of land.

Another one bites the dust. Of course I don’t suppose it had any significant historical or architectural value and it was surely getting to be a dangerous piece of real estate. I guess it had to go, but I couldn’t help but think that this had once been someones home. People had probably been born and died there; celebrated good times and bad. And now after a short time it’s likely that nobody will remember that it was ever there. It’s all a bit sad.

Taken with a Sony NEX 5N and 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 OSS.

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