This time with my friend George and his dog Charlie, visiting from South Carolina. We went to Brinton Brook Sanctuary in nearby Croton-on-Hudson. I persuaded him to go to there in the foolish hope that since it was a bird sanctuary I might actually have the opportunity to take some pictures of birds. So I took along a large, heavy camera with a very large lens. Unfortunately, in my enthusiasm I’d forgotten that birds are most active early in the morning and late in the day. We went early in the afternoon so unfortunately I didn’t see any. The camera/lens combination was not suitable for general photography so I had to rely on my trusty Iphone for these pictures.

From left to right Charlie and George

Harley was there too! His love of walks overcame his dislike of Charlie.

Large boulder resting on a number of smaller boulders. There’s a plaque on the left side of the boulder that reads: “A tribute to Joseph A. Malone, 1905-1964 in recognition of his concern for man and nature through leadership and service to Brinton Brook Wildlife Sanctuary and the Saw Mill River Audobon Society.”

I liked the look of spindly limbs on this brightly lit tree.

One of the ubiquitous stone walls that you always come across in the woods around here.

On the trail.

A small boardwalk or is it a series of puncheons?

Tent in the woods. I imagine it’s used for educational purposes.

Taken with an Iphone 8E II.

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