I recently connected with some cousins back in the UK that I haven’t been in touch with for about 40 years. One of them has a daughter who is doing some genealogical research in the family.

She shared with me the above picture of my paternal grandfather, George Dale (hence my middle name, George). He was older than my paternal grandmother. He passed away long before I was born, so I never knew him. I have a vague memory of once seeing a photograph of him. It was a very formal portrait and he was very well dressed. So this is the second photograph of him I’ve seen. Even though he’s in uniform here he seems much more informal. Look at the very natural smile on his face. Perhaps not surprisingly he’s the “spitting image” of my late father.

I knew that my father was in the British army in the Second World War, but I wasn’t aware that my grandfather was also in the service. The photograph suggests that he was in the Cheshire regiment (as was my father) and the uniform looks to my untrained eye to be First World War vintage.

It’s great to have it!

Maude’s Tavern

Maude’s Tavern is located near the Metro North Station on the Hudson River in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY. I went there with a friend for lunch a couple of weeks ago. When we’d decided to go there I hadn’t realized that I had in fact been there before – with another friend after a visit to nearby Untermeyr Gardens.

On the way to the men’s room I spotted this photograph by Andreas Feininger (Co-incidentally I just acquired two of his books). It’s appropriate as his father, the famous painter Lyonel Feiningeris buried in Mount Hope Cemetery in Hastings.

Taken with a Sony RX-100 M3.

Birthday Girl

My wife recently had a birthday and it seems like the celebrations have been going on for the past two weeks or so. In fact they haven’t finished yet. A number of her friends want to take her out to lunch individually. It’s great that she has so many friends.

Taken with a Sony RX-100 M3.