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On April 24th, 1908 and event took place, the like of which the Village of Briarcliff Manor had never seen before, and has not seen since. It was called “The First American International Road Race”, more informally known as the Briarcliff Trophy Race. It was the first automobile race in Westchester County, NY and the first international stock car race in the United States. There were 22 contestants from five countries: Austria, France, Germany, Italy, and the United States.

The Briarcliff Manor-Scarborough Historical Society (BMSHS) has a wonderful collection of 11 framed photographs of the race participants. It’s not clear what happened to the other 11.

Above: No. 20: Louis J. Bergdoll, Benz Car.

No. 19: Hugh N. Harding, Isotta Fraschini car.

No. 13: Barney Oldfield, Stearns Car.

No. 11: Al Poole, Isotta Fraschini car.

No. 9: Ralph Mulford, Lozier car.

No. 8: Guy Vaughn. Stearns car.

No. 7: Harry Michener, Lozier car.

No. 6: Edwin H. Parker, Fiat car.

No. 1: Paul Sartori, Bianchi Car.

No. 21: Morton J. Seymour, Simplex Car.

No. 22: William Watson, Simplex Car.

The Society is preparing a presentation on the race, which will go into much more detailed. We’re not yet sure when the presentation will take place so if you live in the area watch out for an announcement.

The pictures are available for viewing at the BMSHS at 1 Library Road (Lower Level, of the Briarcliff Manor Library), Briarcliff Manor, NY .

Pictures of the framed photographs taken with a Sony A7IV and Samyang AF 75mm f1.8 FE

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