From Rockwood Hall to Sleepy Hollow – Kingsland Point Park

Kingsland Point Park is an 18-acre park located on the eastern shore of the Hudson River at the mouth of the Pocantico River in the Village of Sleepy Hollow. With spectacular overlook areas and views of the historic Tarrytown Lighthouse, Kingsland Point Park was one of the first parks developed by the Westchester County Parks Commission.

The park, which was built in 1926, offers picnic areas, ballfields, hiking, fishing and playgrounds.

Above: Approaching the park, old stone bridge over the Pocantio River with just visible Hudson River in the background.

Next three images below: The Kathryn Wasserman Davis River Walk Center. I was last there in November, 2022. For what I said at that time follow the link.

Below: the Pavilion.

Taken with a Sony RX100 M3


Or at least that’s what I think they are. According to the North American Mycological Association in Lichen Basics:

Lichens are amazing organisms. They are all around us and we hardly notice them. Found on soil, tree bark, rocks and even some under water, they are actually two organisms living together (symbiosis). The major component is a fungus (mycobiont), hence they are classified as fungi — the vast majority being ascomycetes. The other component is photosynthetic (photobiont) and may be green algae or cyanobacteria (once known as blue-green algae) or sometimes both. The photobiont can make food — sugar. The fungus can kill some of the algae cells or penetrate the algae cells to obtain food. So… the symbiotic relationship is actually a controlled parasitism. The algal cells, however, are protected from damaging excess light. Lichens are fungi that have taken up farming, and they are known as lichenized fungi.

Certainly, these complex organisms can inhabit many conditions and substrates that would deter other kinds of species — hence they are known as pioneer organisms in ecological succession.

I just like the way they look: the often pastel color and the textures. Fungi to me are rather disturbing. They make me think of death and decay. Lichen on the other hand seem rather cute, as if someone has made them.

Taken with a Sony A6000 and Venus Optics Laowa 85mm f5.6

Christmas Decorations

I took these pictures in the middle of January while walking around in my neighborhood. At that time there were still plenty of Christmas decorations around. I remember thinking that it was a bit late for Christmas decorations. Nowadays, the Christmas season seems to start well before Thanksgiving (I thought that people usually start putting decorations out after Thanksgiving) and go well into January. Why not if it gives people pleasure?

The house above is one of the

Taken with a Panasonic Lumix GX85 and Panasonic Lumix 20mm f1.7