The invitation

We recently had a water leak at our house in Westchester County. We rescued a number of old pictures; family albums etc., which luckily had not been damaged. It did make me realize, however, that I should do something about the pictures before they deteriorate any more (even though undamaged by the water a number of the pictures were fading as a result of age). So I decided to start scanning them. One of the first albums I picked up was of our wedding. Clearly I didn’t take the pictures as I’m in many of them. Unfortunately I now longer recall who did take the pictures. At first I though it was our old friend the late Shamsus Zaman (Pappu), but I think Pappu was a better photographer than this. So I really don’t know.

It was with mixed feelings that I looked back on the pictures. On the one hand I still remember it as such a happy occasion. Maybe the most memorable event in my life. On the other hand there was sadness. A number of of the people present have since passed away: my parents in the mid 1990s; more recently my mother-in-law just a couple of months ago; most tragically my sister-in-law Lisa (My brother-in-law Efren’s wife) passed away in her thirties. Over the years we’ve lost touch with the best man, Alfred and his wife Sue. We no longer know how to contact them.

The years really fly by. Now retired, grey haired and overweight I find it hard to believe that I once looked like I do in the pictures.

The wedding dress

Efren gives away the bride

The lovely bride (this was the first, and imagine the last, time that she had her hair this short

The ceremony

The bride and groom

Outside the Church

The bride and groom with the groom’s parents

The bride, Eirah

Cutting the cake

The bride and groom

The kiss

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