I’ve posted before on Rockwood Hall, the former estate of William D Rockefeller in Tarrytown, NY:

Goat Portrait
Rockwood Hall Foundation and Trees
Bridge to Nowhere.
Rockwood Hall – Evening.
A Walk to Rockwood Hall.
Winding Path – Rockwood Hall.
Rockwood Hall – July 6, 2011 – early evening

The grounds were landscaped by Frederick Law Olmstead (known for Central Park and Prospect Park). This is the road to the mansion just before it reaches it. The History of Rockwood Hall describes the roads as follows:

Graceful carriage roads led the family and visitors into the landscape. Their design goal was to create a sense of the peacefulness of nature and to soothe and restore the spirit.

Hastings block was used on two miles of the drives near the mansion. The Hastings block is a paving block constructed of traprock, which is laid on a 16″ stone base.

Unfortunately the goats mentioned in Goat Portrait we no longer there (maybe they’re not there in Winter), which was a pity as I’d hoped to introduce our dog, Harley to them. We did encounter a horse, however. I don’t think Harley had seen one before so he was very excited. I even had to pull him back at one point to stop him running under the horse’s hooves.

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