Film Camera 2019/4 – Canon Sureshot Owl – Results

So how did it go with the camera. In a word – disastrous!

When I got the scans back I could barely see anything. Looking at the histogram everything was clustered into a small area in the middle, indicating that there was virtually no contrast at all (I think).

I’ve used quite a number of old film cameras and even though I’ve lost a few frames here and then I’ve never had something like this: a complete roll that’s useless. I’ve no idea what went wrong. Was it something I did? I doubt it. The camera has little in the way of controls so I doubt I could have set something incorrectly. I noted that the camera already had a film inside when I got it. I have no idea how long it had been there. Could it have degraded to such an extent that this happened? Maybe a problem with the camera itself? It seemed to be working, but who knows?

After some tweaking in Lightroom I managed to make the images visible if nothing else. I’ve posted a few here since I think it’s worth celebrating failures as well as successes. They remind me of some of pictures I’ve seen from the very early days of photography.

I’m tempted to try the camera again with a fresh roll of film to see what I get. But the cost of the film plus the cost of processing and scanning deters me. But I can be stubborn and I’d really like to know if the camera is working even if, at its best, it’s probably not such a great camera. We’ll see.

Snowy Lake

Getting towards the end of the roll and I’m eager to get it off to the lab for processing. As often is the case I finish it off with a picture or two from around the house, this one of our garden and the then frozen and snow covered lake.

This was taken just over a month ago and what a difference that month makes!

Taken with an Olympus XA2 and Kodak T-MAX 100.

Madonna and Child

This statue stands outside the church of the Parish of St. Theresa and Our Lady of the Wayside in Briarcliff Manor, NY. We’ve lived in Briarcliff Manor for 20 years and one of our grandchildren was baptized there and I’ve always referred to the church as ‘St. Theresas’. I never knew that this was it’s correct name. Apparently Our Lady of the Wayside refers to the patron saint of travelers.

The picture is also a good example of how I missed focus a few times with the Olympus XA2. The hedge behind the statue is in better focus than the statue. This was perhaps because it was quite a gloomy day and the area in front of the hedge was quite dark. Possibly the camera chose a wide aperture and this resulted in limited depth of field. I took a number of shots of this statue and none of them was well focused. This was the best of them.

Taken with an Olympus XA2 and Kodak T-Max 100.