Two of our grandchildren were visiting so we decided to take them to Muscoot Farm (one of them had already been, but it was some years ago and she didn’t remember it).

Before we went, however, we needed to have lunch so we stopped at the nearby Muscoot Tavern. In a 2013 Review (Spruced Up, but the Same Beloved Eatery) the New York Times described it as follows:

Muscoot Tavern is a place for people who like a story.

Bright red and oddly shaped, the restaurant, positioned at an angle and tucked away from the intersection of Routes 35 and 100 in Somers, has been in business since before 1925. Helmed by a series of owners and called Muscoot Diner, Muscoot Restaurant, Muscoot Inn — and for a short, wayward time, Little Brauhaus — the Scoot, as it is affectionately referred to by local residents, was taken over last year by Ann-Margaret Wagner and Eddie Lubic, owner of Eduardo’s in Mount Kisco.

The two gave the restaurant a face-lift with a new kitchen, fresh paint and repaired air-conditioning. But evocative details remain: terrazzo floors are worn bare by thousands of feet, bowed walls show the effects of time, and the bar looks like the meeting place it has been for countless get-togethers over the years.

A menu of good-value comfort food adds to the neighborhood-meeting-place feel. No one gets dressed up to go the Scoot, and the food is similarly straightforward. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t good — and sometimes very good…

We ordered a kids burger for our youngest grandchild. It was enormous – almost the size of her head! If this was the kids portion I can’t imagine what an adult portion would be like. The restaurant had a nice atmosphere and service was quick and friendly.

Taken with a Sony RX-100 M3.

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