We frequent a Filipino store/restaurant (Pinoy Asian Foods Chibugan) in Pougheepsie for supplies and the occasional lunch. Nearby there are some old buildings. We’ve passed them many times, but I’ve never stopped by for a closer look. This time while my wife did her shopping and had lunch I took the dog for a walk over to them.

There are three clusters of buildings in close proximity: what appears to be a water mill; a very large agricultural looking building; a small brick building with ornate windows.

This post covers the water mill. It stands next to a pond, but the wheel seems to be too high up from the water for it ever to be truly water driven. Also there seems to be no water course to drive the wheel. So I imagine it was purely decorative. There’s an electricity meter on the building so possibly the water was pumped up and over the wheel. Maybe the wheel itself turned as a result of the electrical power. There’s certainly a story here, but so far I’ve been able to find out what it is. Curiously there’s a brown ‘Dutchess County Historical Site’ marker nearby, but once again I’ve been unable to discover to what it refers.

Taken with a Sony RX-100 M3.

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