A visit to Kingston – A bit of history

Kingston has Four Historic Districts: The Rondout-West Strand; Chestnut Street; Fair Street and The Stockade.

In 1777 the British sailed up the Hudson River, took Forts Montgomery and Clinton and then continued up the Hudson to Kingston, then the capital of New York State. From the river they proceeded to the stockade surrounding the town and eventually burnt over 300 dwellings to the ground. Many of the buildings were made of stone and were subsequently rebuilt.

As our time was limited we decided to focus on the ‘Stockade District‘.

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A visit to Fishkill – A couple of historical markers

Across the road from the Rombout Rural Cemetery are two historic markers commemorating: The “Fishkill Tea Party (above); and the site of the Star Mills (below). The Fishkill Tea Party warrants further explanation:

“The Brinckerhoffs settled at Brinckerhoffville. They, in 1721, purchased of Madame Brett, a tract of about 1,700 acres. Abram kept a store here during the Revolution, He also built the mills now known as Dudley’s Mills They were destroyed by fire in the time of the Revolution, and the soldiers of the American army, encamped near by, were set to work at re-building them; in a short time the present mills were ready for business.

About this time, tea being very scarce, and having a considerable quantity on hand, Abram Brinckerhoff charged an exorbitant price. The women of the neighborhood were very much exasperated, as the price was beyond their means. Mustering a large company under the command of one Catherine Schutt, they marched in military order in front of his store. The sequel is told in the following extract from a newspaper published at that time:

AUGUST 28th, 1776. – A few days since about 100 women, inhabitants of DUCHESS county, went to the house of Colonel Brinckerhoff, at Fishkill, and insisted upon having tea at the lawful price of six shillings per pound, and obliged that gentleman to accommodate them with one chest from his store for that purpose. Shortly after he sold his cargo to some Yorkers, who, for fear of another female attack, forwarded the nefarious stuff to the North river precipitately, where it is now afloat, but the women have placed their guard on each side

” (From General History of Dutchess County From 1609 to 1876, Inclusive. By Philip H. Smith. Published by the author 1877.

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A visit to Fishkill – Van Wyck Homestead – Daughters of the American Revolution Monument

The exact location of the cemetery where Revolutionary War soldiers had been buried had been a mystery. Recently graves were discovered south of the museum. A memorial had been placed on that site by the DAR. That memorial was moved during road construction and was relocated to the grounds of the Van Wyck Museum. It was originally dedicated on October 14, 1897. Major-General Daniel Butterfield of Civil War fame addressed the crowd. In a newspaper account of the time it read:

“The guests then repaired to the ground of the famous and historic Wharton house (Van Wyck Homestead) nearby. The house was thrown open to the inspection of visitors. The room where Enoch Crosby, the spy, was tried by the court martial; the room occupied by General Washington, and other points of interest in the house were freely shown to visitors. The ladies of the Melzingah Chapter (DAR) had provided a bountiful lunch on the lawn of the Wharton house”.

The cemetery’s location is now known. (Van Wyck Homestead Museum Self-Guided Trail Guide)

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A visit to Fishkill – Van Wyck Homestead – Bicentennial Monument

“In 1976 in celebration of the Bicentennial of the United States, the Fishkill Historical Society erected this pyramid consisting of stones donated by over 50 historic sites. Among these are stones from Saratoga, Yorktown, Bennington and Fort Ticonderoga. Read the inscriptions on the monument. The museum has a guide to which stones came from which sites” (Van Wyck Homestead Museum Self-Guided Trail Guide).

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