2016 Favorites – Color

Light through trees.

The previous post featured my favorite black and white pictures for 2016. This one highlights the color pictures. Again in no particular order.

Passing train. In 4th Annual Holiday Train Show at Grand Central.

Yellow flowers. An Impression.

Green leaf.

Juniper at dusk

A float.

Colorful commercial landscape.

Still life in blue and white.

Blurred lights.

Yonkers by night – under the railroad tracks.

Oriental stairs

I think I like this because initially the eye is drawn to the lightest object in the picture i.e. the table in the bottom left corner. Then the strong diagonal of the stair rail leads up and to the left where just to the right, in the top right corner there’s a small oriental head. Or at least I hope that’s what happens. Without the small head it wouldn’t be the same.

Taken in March 2012 with an Olympus XA film camera and scanned (very low resolution) at a local drug store.

Croton Harmon Station

Croton Harmon Station through a window.

After my visit to New Hamburg in November 2012 I took the train back to Scarborough and had to change trains in Croton Harmon station. While waiting I took these pictures with my Sony NEX 5N and the rather eccentric RainbowImaging 35MM F1.7 TV Lens. For more information on the lens and more pictures taken with it see here:

New Hamburg, NY.
Rocking Chairs on a Porch.

Arriving passenger.

It was late in the day (around 6:00pm) and getting quite dark. I was surprised that these came out as well as they did.

Street Vendors in New York City

I don’t remember much about this picture other than that it was taken somewhere in New York City (along 42nd street I think) in May 2012. I think they were selling posters of some kind. I liked the animated expression of the woman on the right (her eyes almost seem to twinkle) and the concentration of the woman in the left as she speaks to someone on her phone.

Taken with a Sony NEX 5N and 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 OSS Kit Lens.